lundi 22 juin 2015

Glamistry Parrasana

Styling Card

Shoes : Glamistry Parrasana (Taxi)
Dress : Blueberry sophia
Jewels : Earthstones Gypsy (necklace & earrings)
Jewels : Earthstones Jubilee (Bracelets)
Hair : Elua Tricia

samedi 20 juin 2015

Topazia Hawaïan Dancer

Styling Card 

Outfit : Topazia Hawaïn Dancer (Taxi)
Hair : Truth Eshya

Kaithleen's Dolly Skirt

Styling Card 

Skirt : Kaithleen's Dolly Skirt (Taxi)
Top : Hudson Clothing and Co Peasant Wench
Shoes : Essenz Malibu
Hair : Truth Randa
Bracelets : Zaara Choodiya

Topazia Beatriz Gown

Styling Card

Dress : Topazia Beatriz Gown (Taxi)
Hair : Cheveux F039
Jewels : Lazuri Celeste Heirloom

vendredi 19 juin 2015

Topazia Ivyana Dress

Styling Card 

Dress : Topazia Ivyana Dress (for Miss 2015 Final) (Taxi)
Hair : Emo-Tions Ashanti
Jewels : Kunglers Extra Finrod

Nya's Rainforest Dress

Styling Card

Dress : Nya's Rainforest Dress (Taxi)
Hat : Nya's Orchid Hat (Taxi)
Hair : Exile Suggestive
Shoes : Essenz Malibu
Bracelets : Zaara Choodiya

mercredi 17 juin 2015

Blueberry Serala

Styling Card 

Jean's : Blueberry Serala (Taxi)
Top : Mesh Head Fringe Top
Shoes : Bens Boutique Derin
Hair : No Match No Shelter

Kaithleen's Alexandra Draped Gown

Styling Card 

Dress : Kaithleen's Alexandra Draped Gown (Taxi)
Hair : Magika Meadow
Jewels : Lazuri Shanty

lundi 15 juin 2015

dimanche 14 juin 2015

Belles Parisiennes - Lilith Wedding

Styling Card

Dress : Belles Parisiennes Lilith Wedding 
(include Bouquet and headpiece) (Taxi)
Jewels : Lazuri Celeste Heirloom Special Edition

dimanche 7 juin 2015

samedi 6 juin 2015

Orchidea I Miss You

Styling Card

Dress : Orchidea "I Miss You" (Taxi)
(Appliers for Bodymesh Maitreya, Belleza and Omega)
Hair : Emo-Tions Valerie
Jewels : Lazuri Celeste Heirloom Special Edition

Prism Kelsey

Styling Card

Top : Prism Kelsey Top (Taxi)
Skirt : Prism Kelsey Skirt (Taxi)
Shoes : Glamistry Amaryllis
Hair : Lelutka Scarlet
Jewels : Earthstones Yin & Yang

Vips Creations Spring Smile

Styling Card

Outfit : Vips Creations Spring Smile
 (includes jeans, handbag, shoes, top, necklace)(Taxi)
Hair : Diva Nicole

mardi 2 juin 2015

Prism Malana Bikini

Styling Card

Outfit : Prism Malana Bikini (Taxi)
Hair : Exile Bad Reputation
Shoes : Bens Boutique Derin platform
jewels : Ryca

Zanze Layra Jumpsuit

Styling Card

Jumsuit : Zanze Layra Jumpsuit (Taxi)
Hair : Exile Beyond the waves

Stelloane Claire Leggins & Cefora Shoes

Styling Card

Leggins : Stelloane Claire Leggins (Taxi)
Top : Grasp Loose style Cami/zebra
jacket : Coco Cropped Biker jacket
Shoes : Stelloane Cefora (Taxi)
Hair : Dura Arai