mardi 27 mai 2014

KV Summer Fashion Month

K.V. Dream Fashion Agency organizes the "KV Summer Fashion Month".
The event will take place from the 1st to the 30th of June.
In the frame of this big event we have 3 different events linked to each other: ...
1) Shopping Way: 60 discounted exclusive items
2) Prêt-à-portèr: 42 esclusive items
3) Haute Couture: 17 exclusive items
- Shopping Way: June, 3rd at 1.00pm SLT
- Prêt-à-porter: June, 4th at 1.00pm SLT
- Haute Couture: June, 5th at 1.00pm SLT
- Sponsors Fashion Shows: June, 25th at 12.30pm SLT
LIVE CONCERT: June, 25th at 1.30pm SLT
DJ SESSION: June, 25th at 2.30pm SLT
From June, 1st to June, 24th
You can join it with 3 simple steps:
- buy 1 or more items in the KV Summer Fashion Month;
- do a picture
- post the pic on KV Flickr Page:
- rename the pic: "KV Summer Fashion Month: Photo Contest - your name".
(You can post a maximum of 5 pics).
We will choose the 3 most beautiful pictures.
Winner: 5000$L
1st runner up: 3000$L
2nd runner up: 1000$L
We will proclaim the winner and the runners-up of the contest in June, 25th:
- the winner: during the sponsors fashion show (from 12.30pm SLT to 1.30pm SLT); - 1st runner-up: during the live concert(from 1.30pm SLT to 2.30pm SLT);
- 2nd runner-up: during the dj session (from 2.30pm SLT to 3.30pm SLT).
Prizes will only be assigned if the winner(s) will be in KV sim during the proclamation.
---------------------------------------------------------------------- -
Best regard
The owners of K.V. Dream Fashion Agency, sim
Katiuscia Vollmar
JuanSebastian Menges
Ets Zessinthal
Ora Ohara

mardi 20 mai 2014

Boudoir - Driving That Thing Victorian burlesque

Styling Card 

Outfit : Boudoir Driving That Thing Victorian Burlesque
Jewels : Lazuri Heritage

Topazia - Butterfly Andrian

Styling Card

Dress : Topazia Butterfly Andrian
Headpiece : Topazia Butterfly Andrian
jewels : Lazuri Precise frimon
Hair : Boon

Finesmith Spirit Tropical

Styling Card 

Dress and Hat : Finesmith Spirit Tropical
Hair : Emo-Tions Anna

Topazia - Pencil Skirt Leopard (Available in 16 Colors)

Styling Card

Skirt : Topazia Pencil skirt V2 Leopard
Top : Ricielli Mini top Turquoise
Hair : Truth Delta
Jewels : Earthstones Gypsy (Necklace and earrings) - Gizza Boho Set (Bracelets)
Shoes : Reign Hierarchy Heels ( for slink High feet)

samedi 17 mai 2014

vendredi 16 mai 2014

Butterfly Dream

Styling Card

Hair : Purplemoon
Headpiece : Lode
Bodysuit : Topazia Naomie


Exxess - Jana

Styling Card 

Hair Exxess Jana
Outfit Amarelo Manga Luiza
Jewels : Mandala Kabuki

Amarelo Manga - Luiza

Styling Card 

Top : Amarelo Manga Top Luiza
Skirt : Amarelo Manga Micro Mini Skirt Luiza
Shoes : Amarelo manga Ankle boots
Hair : Exxess Jana
Jewels : Mandala Kabuki

Amarelo Manga - Clara

Styling Card

Dress : Amarelo Manga Clara
Jewels : Finesmith Mango
Headpiece : Alchemy Hear me Roar
Hair : Amacci Gloria

Amarelo Manga - Marina

Styling Card 

Dress : Amarelo Manga Marina
Shoes : Promagic Wrap in Heels
Hair : Argrace Shiori
Jewels : Lazuri Lasya

jeudi 15 mai 2014

Prism - Leitani Dress

Styling Card

Dress : Prism Leitani
Shoes : Essenz Sevilla
Hair : Diva Mayumi
Jewels : Lazuri Esme

Prism - Ruth Ann (Gift)

Styling Card

Outfit : Prism Ruth Ann (Gift)
Hair : Argrace Haruka
Jewels : Maxi Gossamer Honey Diva

Asteria - Voyaque

Styling Card 

Dress : Asteria Voyaque
Hair : Truth Lila
Jewels : Indyra
Shoes : Promagic Platonic

Asteria - Victoria Jacket

Styling Card

Top : Asteria Victoria Jacket
Pant : Redgrave Metallic pant
Shoes : Promagic Ladytrava
Jewels : Gizza Peacock
Hair : Lelutka Jada

Angel Dessous - Ginevra

Styling Card

Outfit : Angel Dessous Ginevra
Jewels : Lazuri En tournant
Hair : Dela Carly

Avagirl Michelle Halter

Styling Card

Pant : Avagirl Michelle Halter Pants
Top : Avagirl Michelle Halter Blouse
Shoes : Essenz Cannes
Jewels : Royal Blush
Hair : Amacci Gloria

Avagirl - Ensley

Styling Card

Dress : Avagirl Ensley
Hair : Emo-Tions Tyra
Shoes : N-Core Shae
Jewels : Lazuri Spring

mercredi 14 mai 2014

Asteria - My Bree

Styling Card 

Pant : Asteria My Bree
Top : Asteria My Bree Blouse
Hair : MaDesign Blade
Jewels : Mandala Omochi
Shoes : N-Core Shae

Nya Satine Dress

Styling Card 

Dress : Nya Satine Dress
Hair : Argrace Koto
Jewels : Lazuri royal Blush green

samedi 3 mai 2014

Asteria - Hans Sugar

Styling Card 

Top : Asteria Hans top Sugar
Skirt : Asteria Hans skirt sugar
Shoes : ZOZ Tiffany Heels
Hair : Argrace Shiori
Jewels : Mandala Pearl Rain

Asteria - Raven Ruffle Jumpsuit

Styling Card 

Outfit : Asteria Raven Ruffle Jumpsuit
Shoes : N-Core Shae
Jewels : Mandala Omochi
Hair : Analog Dog Harper

Asteria - Alge

Styling Card

Top : Asteria Alge mesh Corset
Skirt : Asteria Alge skirt Jeans
Shoes : Hucci jacmel pump
Jewels : Mandala Pearl Rain
Hair : Truth Gretchen

Amarelo Manga - Samira Dress

Styling Card 

Dress : Amarelo Manga Samira
Jewels : Lazuri Kaya
Hair : Truth April

jeudi 1 mai 2014

Mermaid Dream's

Styling Card 

Outfit by Pacific Sunrise Mystique
Hair : Emo-Tions Windblow III
Jewels : Lazuri Celeste
Headpiece : Finesmith Zer Exotic